KÉMIA offers original pickled vegetables, condiments, marinades, pestos, tapenades and spreads off the beaten path. Our creations come from the North-African culinary tradition, perfect blend between the thousands-year traditional, flavor-flowing Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisines. Kémia is the Tunisian word that describes an assortment of finger foods traditionally served before a meal along with an aperitif.
Ideal for an antipasti platter, cheese board, appetizers, tapas, mezze and cocktail snacks, Kemia’s potted delicacies are also perfect to enhance or brighten up your entrée, pizza, pasta, salad, sandwich, omelette, brunch, hamburger, as well as your favourite BBQ, meat, fish or vegetarian dishes.
They add a festive yet convivial touch to any meal. Whatever the occasion, take inspiration from the feasts of the ancient World, where guests cheerfully ate with their fingers, and simply serve our specialties in small bowls or arranged on a wood platter. Accompany with pieces of bread or crackers: You will be considered a hero by your guests!


We’ve got the perfect land.We’ve got the perfect climate.We’ve got the perfect ingredients.We’ve got the perfect culinary tradition.And we know how to get the best out of it.




Chefs, we’ve got youCovered!

Kemia created a range especiallyfor restaurants, cafes, caterers andhotels. A range of unique culinarylittle gems that was designed foronly two purposes: make yourwork easier and create the wow!effect with your customers.