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Kémia’s whole Pickled cayenne peppers, in their lemon and garlic brine, are unmatched to wake up any dish. Still crunchy despite the marinade, they are ideal to enhance a tomato sauce for pasta or pizza, to enhance the taste of a simple salad like the Niçoise or to spice up a sandwich, a burger and anything that comes out of the smokehouse or BBQ. Those most used to hot peppers will taste them as they are, with their fingers.

The aromas of lemon and garlic, added at the time of potting with the vinegar liquid, give the peppers a refined and summery taste. This brine juice, slightly spicy but full of flavor, is perfect for adding flavor to dressings, stews and soups. Cayenne pepper tastes like pepper and is in the middle of the Scoville scale, just before jalapeño. However, more delicate palates, unaccustomed to spicy dishes, can be reassured: the brine, in which our peppers are marinated, softens them without removing their basic characteristics, which makes their spiciness more bearable and brings out other taste aspects of the vegetable.

INGREDIENTS: Cayenne peppers, water, lemon, garlic, salt, ascorbic acid, vinegar, calcium chloride.

* All our products are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and nut free.

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